HyDEP srl

Quality and expertise at the service of your project.


Competence and quality gained over time thanks to many years of experience.


Nothing stops us: the search for increasingly innovative and performing solutions is our passion.


We pay the utmost attention and care to what we do, always guaranteeing a precise and professional service.


A single interlocutor to ensure a stable, direct and highly collaborative relationship.


HyDEP srl is an innovative and dynamic company that offers great competence and quality: these values were gained over time thanks to many years of experience in the field.

We take grate care in what we do, to what we do to always offering our expertise combined with a careful and precise analysis to ensure a high quality, precise, professional and innovative service.

HyDEP srl has become one of the leading companies in the field of hydrogen used for energy purposes, thanks to its matured and passionate knowledge of electrolysis and its continuous search for avant-garde solutions.

We are experts in the continuous search for high performance and innovative solutions and able to satisfy every kind of request and need.

The search for great solutions

HyDEP srl dedicates an entire company sector to the study and design of increasingly innovative and performing solutions in the field of electrolyzers, in order to make them more reliable and efficient.

We focus on certified quality to ensure the best service possible: our representatives are real experts in engineering and safety, ATEX and PED certified.

We collaborate with the main research institutes and universities in the world, to always be protagonists of the scene without ever leaving any stone unturned.

Some of our works